How to get a help

How to become a Foundation’s charge?

At first write an email to that includes:
– A description of your situation with photos
– Your suggestions of a help
– Your expectations
– Your contact details

Then please fill in the forms (available on a “download” page) by hand and legibly:

– The information about the processing of personal data (for each parent separately)
– A permission to collect, process and publish personal data
– A declaration of sharing your personal portrayal and a permission to disseminate it

After filling in the forms please send them by post to Foundation’s address and wait for our response.

Do we provide a financial assistance?

In the near future we do not foresee a casual financial assistance.

Who should be contacted with press issues?

With press issues please contact the Chairman of Foundation Wojciech Kołodziejczyk:

Mobile: 880 949 579