Disability – is it still a taboo?

In highly developed countries like USA or Germany, disability is no longer a taboo. The people who suffer from many different illnesses that hamper their everyday living are not only generally accepted and kindly treated, but also they get a complex help from their governments. Unfortunately, in Poland the problem of disability for many years was swept under the carpet and disabled people met with intolerance, aversion, the lack of interest from their government and were stigmatized by society. Moreover, similar problems relate to other groups of people at risk of social exclusion, such as the elderly and those who are not able to find their place in today’s world. Although the life of disabled people has recently improved, for example thanks to Polish accession to EU, there is still a lot of work to be done. The main target of the “ASYK” Foundation that came into being in 2015 is to face the problems that disabled people have to encounter in their everyday lives.

Our history

The history of Asyk foundation is unique, because it is inseparably conjoined with a history of a man who, despite having gone through hell himself, has found the strength to use all that bad experience and help other people.

Mr. Wojciech Kołodziejczyk, the founder of Asyk Foundation, had a very serious accident in 2006. Being in coma, he heard the doctor informing his wife that they give him no chance. Although Mr. Kołodziejczyk has met wonderful doctors and his family supported him all the time, the reality after waking up from coma proved to be very brutal. For a half year after his accident, Mr. Kołodziejczyk was not able to speak a single word, now he does it with a difficulty because of damaged vocal cords and a persistent paralysis. Every single action requires a heroic commitment and a great strength.

Mr. Kołodziejczyk’s family and friends say that thanks to his inner power he managed to achieve so much in the struggle for his health. But Mr. Kołodziejczyk claims that there is something more.

The driving force for his activities for disabled people became the words:

“It is not about walking straight through, it is about walking on the sunny side” (M. Edelman).

For two years of his stay in different hospitals after the accident, Mr. Wojciech observed the helplessness of other fellow patients who often had no support from their families. The current state of medical services does not guarantee the complex rehabilitation, not to mention the psychological aspect, what makes the patients feel apathetic and discouraged. Therefore they give up in their fight with disease.

As Mr. Kołodziejczyk says, everything that happened to him since his accident made him “the specialist of making the impossible possible”..

It was this inner strength, the sense of mission and the awareness of everyday problems that disabled people have to face that pushed Mr. Wojciech Kołodziejczyk to establish the ASYK Foundation that was officially registered in KRS on 24th of June 2015.