Foundation For People At Risk Of Social Exclusion „ASYK”

Briefly about the Foundation

In highly developed countries like USA or Germany, disability is no longer a taboo. The people who suffer from many different illnesses that hamper their everyday living are not only generally accepted and kindly treated, but also they get a complex help from their governments. Unfortunately, in Poland the problem of disability for many years was swept under the carpet …

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How do we help?

The fundamental aim of “Asyk” Foundation is to support disabled people who need that help. In practice, the criteria for people who would get help are not laid down. Nevertheless, the priority of foundation is to support the children with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy.

The details of the certain forms of aid are presented in Foundation’s Charter , on this page, however it can be numbered in a few short points:

  • rehabilitation,
  • trainings and advices,
  • work,
  • promotion of healthy lifestyles,
  • financial support.

How to get a help

W celu uzyskania pomocy, skontaktuj się z nami za pomocą formularza, znajdującego się w zakładce Kontakt.

jak pomóc?

There are many ways of helping. One of them is volunteering. It is worth emphasizing that if you want to help, you do not need a special education or unusual qualifications. All you need is a little bit of willingness, empathy and a sensitivity to other man. If you wish to become involved in a work for disabled people as a volunteer, just contact us. We are open to any suggestions in respect of how would our cooperation look like.
The funds assigned for the statutory work of Foundation are raised from donations, fundraising campaigns, given by third parties with an indication of a certain charge, lotteries, targeted subsidies from other foundations, regional centers of social policy etc. If you want to support us financially you will find all needed information in the Contact tab.

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